6 Things You Should Know About Diamond Drills Bits

September 27, 2021


Diamond drill bits


Have you ever passed by a jewellery store and asked yourself how in the world they make those magnificent, delicate and shiny rare stones and gems on a necklace piece? Perhaps you are an artisan and would love to increase your knowledge in craftsmanship, and delve into the world of jewellery making. However, you are hearing about diamond drill bits for the first time, and don’t know anything about it. In this post, we will be sharing with you some important things and interesting facts you need to know before purchasing yourself diamond drill bits in Sydney.

1. What Diamond Drill Bits Really Are

You have probably heard of the word drill more than once. Drills are machines used for boring holes in the surface of hard wooden materials. Drill bits are mechanical cutting tools used for removing materials and creating holes in circular cross-sections. However, diamond drill bits are special tools used for cutting and making fine holes in non-wooden materials.

Many people may think that diamond drill bits are diamond made tools that decorate the workshop. That is not what diamond drill bits are, however, that is not too far from the truth. Diamond drill bits are called that because they comprise tiny bits of diamond powder within their parts. This is because diamond is the strongest known material in the world that can cut through anything.

2. Diamond Drill Bits Types

Before getting your diamond drill bits in Sydney, you need to know what type you want, and for what purpose. Diamond drill bits come in two basic types which include the core drill and blunt nose bits. The two types of diamond drill bits are quite effective, however, they serve two different purposes.

Core drill bits are coated with diamond along the edges and a bit of diamond coating by the upside of the hollow tips. These drill bits are capable of drilling holes faster because they have a smaller surface area than the blunt nose drill bits. Core drill bits are also called ‘hole saws’ because you’ll have to saw a circle to create a hole.

Bluntnose drill bits are quite different from the core drill bits because they are used for drilling small holes. Unlike core drills that only drill out a portion of the hole, blunt nose drills make holes all the way through. Core drill bits and blunt nose drill bits are both useful diamond drill bits, however, the difference between the two types of drills is that they are used on different types of materials.

3. Diamond Drill Bits Are Different From Other Drilling Tools

Diamond Drill bits are quite unique as they are harder than any other drilling tool. No other type of drilling tool is as strong as diamond drill bits. Just as the name suggests, diamond drill bits are made of the hardest substance in the world- diamond. Because of this, diamond drill bits are able to bore into any surface no matter how hard, with precision, executing a perfect job.

Diamond drill bits are also different from other drill tools because they are incredibly lightweight despite being made of the hardest substance in the world. They also come in varying sizes to be used for whatever purpose.

Diamond drill bits are also independent of the main drills, therefore, their power source may be different depending on the need, and they are also quite versatile and flexible.

4. Materials It Can Drill

Diamond drill bits are the strongest kinds of drill bits because of the material they are made of. Hence they can penetrate materials that might seem impossible to penetrate.

Before purchasing diamond drill bits in Sydney, it is important to know what kind of job you want to do with it, because the two types of diamond drill bits are used on different kinds of materials.

Core drill bits can be used to drill hard, non-ferrous materials like ceramics, glass, limestone, porcelain, porcelain tiles, granite along other stone materials.

Bluntnose drill bits can be used on tough substances like bones, precious stones, antlers, hard shells and the likes.

5. Lifespan of Diamond Drill Bits

The major determinant of diamond drill bit lifespan is the company that manufactures it. Due to the differences in manufacturing processes, diamond drill bits would have different lifespans. Some companies may use lower quality materials, hence their products would wear out much faster than the products made with high-quality materials.

Apart from the quality of production, the lifespan of a diamond drill bit is also dependent on the frequency of usage, lubrication, the material it is used on, speed or pressure.

Although all these factors are important in determining the lifespan of diamond drill bits, the major determinant of its lifespan will still be based on frequency of usage and the type of material it is used on.

6. Safety Precautions When Working With Diamond Drill Bits

As effective as the drills can be, they can also be incredibly dangerous and cause major injuries if not handled properly and with care. When handling a diamond drill bit of any kind, it is important to heed the following precautions:

  1. Ensure you wear thick gloves that can give you a firm hold on the drill as you will be working with lots of vibrations. Losing your hold on the drill could lead to serious accidents.
  2. Drill in a spacious environment so you can firmly plant your feet on the ground for a stronger grip on the drill.
  3. Use safety goggles to shield your eyes from flying particles
  4. Wear tight-fitting clothes so your clothes wouldn’t get in the way of your work.
  5. Ensure you refer to the instruction manual when having difficulties handling the drill.


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