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August 24, 2021




Concrete core drilling is a common activity on worksites worldwide, and the people performing this work are trained experts who specialize in the manipulation of concrete and masonry. Other renovation professionals like plumbers, electricians may also carry out core drilling procedures on a routine or occasional basis. Sydney is a city in Australia that is the capital of New South Wales. When you need to buy any concrete equipment or find any repairs in your concrete core drills equipment, you can approach a professional repair service for concrete core drills Bits in SydneyHere is some information about concrete core drills that you need to know.

Concrete core drillings

It is a core drilling technique that involves drilling cylindrical holes into concrete structures of floors, walls and ceilings to accommodate new conduits, HVAC ducting, plumbing piping, reinforcement and other systems. Concrete core drilling produces less noise and vibrations than hammer drilling, so they are best suited for environments such as noise-sensitive spaces like hospitals, healthcare facilities or schools. The main purpose of core drilling is in construction as it makes way for new electrical conduits and cables, plumbing piping, reinforcement which may be necessary in-home extensions or commercial fit-outs.

What does a drill bit do?

It is the removable tool fitted to a drill that makes the hole in the working material, and this drill bit comes in a lot of shapes and sizes. To make the right hole in the right position, you must know what size drill bit to use. When you buy a drill bit, consider the two following things.

  1. The material – It is important to know exactly what job it is that you need it for. Before buying a drill bit, ensure that for what you are buying it.
  2. Accuracy – After matching the tool to the material, you need to consider how accurate the drill needs to be. Some bits are ideal for creating clean holes, while others are for creating rough ones.

Concrete core drills bits

Concrete blocks are special products, and their properties are considerably different from metal and wood. The concrete blocks require differently designed bits if you intend to drill a hole in their surfaces. There is a wide range of concrete based products that you may encounter, so it is important to choose the right concrete core drills bits that perfectly suits your requirement. Many professionals in Sydney can offer you the branded products of the best quality. So you can any type of concrete equipment and concrete core drills bits Sydney.

When drilling a concrete foundation or another process, you will want a bit that is made for the purpose and an electric drill designed for concrete and blockwork. Hammer drills and slotted drive shafts are two common designs that use a pounding motion that breaks concrete aggregate and powder and cuts it. For drilling any concrete projects, these are the compatible bits you will need.

Twist drill bits

You may find many twist drill bits in the concrete cutting section, and these types of bits are widely used in concrete blocks. The proven design of these bits helps to quickly and effortlessly remove dust and debris from the drilling hole that tends to plug up and hinder your work. These twist drill bits are meant for concrete work, and they have special composition, and curring heads like carbide faces and oxide treated exterior surfaces.

Masonry bits

These bits are designed for drilling into tough materials like concrete, stone etc. Masonry bits are coated with an anti-rust surface like black oxide, so they are best for hard, abrasive and corrosive products. These bits can last even two to three weeks based on your way and purpose of using them. These bits with a carbide or durium tip specifically intended for hammer drills are more efficient and penetrate hard surfaces better and faster.

Hole saws

A hole saw has a saw blade of an annular shape whose annular kerf creates a hole in the workpiece without cutting up the core material. Hole saws are also known as a hole cutter that is used in a drill. You require a strong and sharp hole saw in the commercial concrete cutting business, and they are designed for concrete cutting to have diamond cut-edges while some get by with a carbide treatment.

SDS bits

These types of bits won’t slip in a chuck, and a slotted drive shaft system is one of the best drill bit ingestions. These bits are also fast to change between sizes, and they can slide back and forth as the load demands. They are inserted into the chuck to make a rotary hammer or a hammer drill.

Drill bit features and useful terms

Even though there are different types of drill bits, there are some universal features across all kinds. Knowing the various parts can help you when you are using them on your projects.

Point: Most of the drill has the cone-shaped pointed end that does the cutting, and this section consists of a spur and cutting lip.

Spur – it will set at the dead centre of the point and helps to get the drill into position.

Cutting lip: It scrapes away the material, and this feature generally varies from bit to bit.

Flutes – flutes are the way up the body of the drill bit where it ends with the shank, and it helps the cutting lip remove the displaced material.

Shank – the drill bit portion will either be clamped into a spindle or straight into a drill’s chuck with a straight shank drill bit.

To sum up

To have a safe and perfect outcome for the project, it is important to use the most suited drill bit. If you are looking to get the drill bits, then consider getting concrete core drills Bits in Sydney and other equipment. This is because there are many professional and reputed companies in Sydney from where you can get the best equipment and repair service.

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